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SEIL Split 3 – Announcement

With Split 2 coming to an end, we are looking at the third and last split of the 2017 Asian SEIL. We’re excited to announce that the league will expand into all of Asia, featuring a $5,000 USD prize pool and a chance to compete against the rest of the world at the SMITE World Championship at Hi-Rez Expo 2018.

Split 3 will once again feature a 6-team league, running over 4 weeks. With the Top 2 qualifying for regionals. The bottom 4 teams will then be joining the winner of the open bracket tournament to determine the last 2 teams qualifying for regionals.

This split will also feature an exciting LAN final, determining Asia’s representative at the SMITE World Championship.

New teams have the opportunity to join the league, by competing in the open qualifiers running on August 12th and August 19th, which is detailed here.

After relegations, Asia’s path to the SMITE World Championship will look like this:

Split 3 Key Dates:

August 12th/19th – Open Qualifiers
August 26th/27th – Relegations
September 7th – Start of Regular Season
September 16th/23rd – Gauntlet Qualifiers
October 5th – Start of Gauntlet
October 13th – Regionals Semi-finals
LAN Finals – TBD
January 2018 – Hi-Rez Expo 2018

League Structure:

Split 3 Open Qualifiers

  • 2 weeks of open bracket tournament, where the top 2 of each week qualifies for Relegations.

Split 3 Relegations

  • 2 phase tournament, consisting of a group stage and bracket stage.
  • Phase 1: The 5th and 6th seed teams from Split 2 join the Top 4 from the Open Qualifier in a Best of one Round Robin.
  • Phase 2: The 3rd and 4th seed teams from Split 3 join the Top 4 from Phase 1 in a pre-seeded double elimination bracket.

Split 3 Regular Season

  • 6 teams play each other once in a Best of 3 over a 4 week period
  • 2 teams from Split 2
  • 4 teams from Relegations

Gauntlet Qualifiers

  • 2 weeks of open bracket tournament
  • Top 4 teams play in a playoff bracket to determine the finals gauntlet participant.


  • A single elimination gauntlet-style bracket.
  • The Top 2 will join regionals.


  • Online Semi-final stage.
  • Grand finals will be at the LAN finals.

Prize Pool:

1st – $2,000 USD
2nd – $1,500 USD
3rd – $1,000 USD
4th – $750 USD

Various gem prizing will be added throughout the tournament.

The winning team from Asia is awarded international travel and accommodation at Hi-Rez Expo.

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